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1976 Mercedez Benz 450 SLC

Look at this 1976 Mercedes Benz 450 SLC! This Benz is in a beautiful, deep blue exterior color with new tan leather seats. Even at 34 years old, it still has an essence of luxury! The power comes from a 4.5L V8 engine and an automatic transmission. This car is very well equipped with AM/FM radio, cruise control, power steering, power locks, power sunroof, seat belts, leather, alloy wheels, and radial tires. New parts include the seats, radiator, brakes, rear shocks, left and right tie rod assemblies, center support and bearing for the driveshaft, both valve cover gaskets, differential housing seals, power steering pump gaskets, master cylinder, and a rebuilt transmission. Don't miss your chance to own this classic Benz! Please call 800-231-3616 or 618-271-3000 for additional information.




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