Video - 1974 Mercedes Benz W114 280C Coupe 2 Owner W115 6 Cyl

Videa Mercedes Benz W114/115 1974 Mercedes Benz W114 280C Coupe 2 Owner W115 6 Cyl

1974 Mercedes Benz W114 280C Coupe 2 Owner W115 6 Cyl

W114 Mercedes Benz one of my all time favs and these coupes are getting VERY Hard to find in nice clean condition. and this is a Super nice little project for someone . its a 1974 and need plugs wires dist cap rotr etc and some tinkering. Its a GREAT Classic Youngtimer car that is sure to Appreciate in Value in the Coming years and i think this is a GREAT Investment car for anyone. From Wikipedia The Mercedes-Benz W114 and W115 models are a series of coupes and sedans introduced in 1968 by Mercedes-Benz, manufactured through model year 1976, and distinguished in the marketplace by nameplates designating their engines. W114 models featured six-cylinder engines and were marketed as the 230, 250, and 280, while W115 models featured four-cylinder engines and were marketed as the 200, 220, 230, and 240. Because they were the only truly new cars of the so-called 'New Generation' and because of the ' or 'slash eight' designation, W114 and W115 models ultimately received the German nickname Strich Acht, loosely translated into the English Slash Eight The W114/W115 models were the first post-war Mercedes-Benz production car to use a newly engineered chassis, not derived from preceding models. The new chassis format of semi-trailing rear arms and ball-joint front end, first displayed in the W114/W115 chassis would be used in all new Mercedes passenger car models until the development of the multi-link rear suspensions of the 1980s. The W108/109 S-Class chassis ...

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