Video - 1969 Mercedes 280SL Rust Issues

Videa Mercedes Benz W113 1969 Mercedes 280SL Rust Issues

1969 Mercedes 280SL Rust Issues

Mercedes Benz Inspection on a 1969 Mercedes 280SL.All mechanical, collision and frame work is done here at 14857 Burbank Blvd. Van Nuys, Ca. 91411. Call for your Mercedes service needs and repairs (818) 989-6028. No job is too big or too small. Serving the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley area since 1975 Mercedes Benz repairs for the internet generation done here. Customer had purchased this car online from a used car dealer with no prepurchase inspection. Customer had no knowledge car was this badly rusted until we showed him, Fortunately, he was able to return the car to the used car dealer for a full refund. The use of this video helped document and show where the rust was to the dealer

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