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Videa Mercedes Benz W113 1968 Mercedes Benz 280SL Pagoda Convertible

1968 Mercedes Benz 280SL Pagoda Convertible

In lovely Signal Red with Parchment vinyl interior, this immaculate example of the 280SL "Pagoda" was originally delivered to Australia and first registered in New South Wales in 1969. Restored by the current owner in 2006 the Pagoda has been carefully modernised to make it safer and more driveable. This was achieved using genuine Mercedes Benz parts wherever possible and included the fitment of inertia reel belts, hazard lights, rear fog light, head restraints, Kph speedometer and a thermatic fan. For greater passenger comfort the original air conditioner unit has been upgraded with a rotary compressor and the Becker radio was upgraded with four speakers and an MP3 input. In 2010 this 280SL went on to win its class at the Mercedes Benz club of Victoria's concourse event which gives an idea of the restoration high quality. Included in the sale are handbooks, owner's manuals, receipts including restoration documents and photos, while some spares including an optional Nardi steering wheel are available on request. This stunning Pagoda is registered until June 2010 and is ready to be immediately enjoyed, just jump in and drive away or Display and Show. Offered with a Victorian Roadworthy by the vendor after sale.

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