Video - 1966 250SE Coupe - W111 "Heckflosse" Mercedes-Benz

Videa Mercedes Benz C 111 1966 250SE Coupe - W111 "Heckflosse" Mercedes-Benz

1966 250SE Coupe - W111 "Heckflosse" Mercedes-Benz

My latest acquisition on black friday '09... bringing home a W111 tall-grille heckflosse coupe: 1966 250SE. Dark Green on Cognac leather interior & Wilton Wool carpet; Macassar Ebony Wood with Ivory wheel; M129 2.5L 6-cyl with 4-spd manual; A/C; power sunroof, and a few more goodies... While stunningly beautiful in & out this rare coupe will get continuous care & treatment now under my ownership. One of my first priorities are all the routine maintenance; sort out a few minor issues; R&R any worn or neglected components; and swap out those old-school wire wheels for either period-correct MB steelies w/ hubcaps or Bundt rims. I'll also mount an original 250SE chrome emblem back onto the trunk lid, where it belongs. Due to the aristocratic Cognac interior, I aptly named the coupe as "Hennessy". The imperial 111/112 Paul Bracq coupe design is simply oozing elegance and grace... it's art on wheels!

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