Video - 1934 Mercedes 500K Roadster (Rare)

Videa Mercedes Benz W29 1934 Mercedes 500K Roadster (Rare)

1934 Mercedes 500K Roadster (Rare)

  • Video taken September 2009 of a very rare 1934 Mercedes-Benz 500K (specially constructed vehicle). With only ~ 7100 original miles on the Chevy 350 engine with Edelbrock headers, Holly injection and exhaust. This baby purrs. If you buy this car you will need a healthy dose of Viagra for all the attention you will get driving it. This automobile is available for sale in Santa Barbara by Aaron Schulman. Please call 805-874-2471 and leave a message for a return call.

1934 Mercedes Benz 500K, Roadster, Heritage Motorcars, Chevy 350, Aaron Schulman



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