Video - 1/18 Diorama NewYork Diorama made by me [Giant Scale Buildings]

Videa Mercedes Benz Smart 1/18 Diorama NewYork Diorama made by me [Giant Scale Buildings]

1/18 Diorama NewYork Diorama made by me [Giant Scale Buildings]

Hello, I am SpareTire From South Korea, and I am SouthKorean, Let me introduce my Dimorama NewYork City . This is made by me, and i made all things. and This Buildings Material is Only StyroFoam, and Glass is acrylic, and Road is made by my Secret Made.. This Diorama's Scale is 1:18 Scale. and i sell Another Diorama, but, i dont know how to sell in Ebay , and I Search about How to sell in Ebay on my Diorama,and Custom made Police cars, and I sell all my Police car. U may watch all my Diorama , In my Blog, Come Here Now ~! and Join us !! 1. 1/18 Pit Stop Diorama [Custom made] 2. 1/18 KFC Chicken Shop Diorama[Custom made] I introduce my Custom Made Police Version, and View More Come here My Korean Blog site [ my Custom made Police car is 1/18 CmModel Hyundai Accent Police [ South Korea 2001 Version ] US Cost: 200Dollar] 1/18 Kyosho Mercedes Benz Smart FourFor Police [US Newyork Version] [US Cost: 300Dollar] 1/18 Norev AUDI A6 Police Version [Color is Cuwaitt Color, and Decal is US Newyork Version. and CarNumer is EU version.] [US Cost: 350Dollar] Thanks For watch my NewYork Diorama, and Want View More Click my Other Video And, I will make 1/18 Police Version. on Release 2012/March Comming Soon !! Will be make police Version list 1. 1/18 AutoArt Lamborghini Reventon Police Version [US Version] [US Cost: 350Dollar] 2. 1/18 AutoArt Ford Mustang Police Show In TransFormer2's Enemies Police Car Version.



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