Mercedes Benz W143 230

Mercedes Benz W143 230

Rok výroby 1937 - 1941

Model: W143 (1936 - 1937)

Wikipedia (W143):

Anglicky (český popis chybí)

In addition to having a wheelbase lengthened by 350 mm (14 in), the relaunched W143 came with a further 180 mm (7.1 in) increase in body length. Most standard-bodied cars were now 4,580 mm (180 in) long, although the six-light Pullman-Limousine-bodied cars were longer even than that at 4,790 mm (189 in). There was no longer a two-door “Limousine” (sedan/saloon) body offered, but the overall range of available bodies was actually greater than with the earlier version of the car, now including six-seater “Landaulet” and “Tourenwagen (Touring Car)” bodies as well as a four-door four-seater cabriolet (known as the “Cabriolet D”) and a “Kraftdroschke” targeted at taxi operators.

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