Motor OM651.950


Kód výrobce OM651.950 (2.1)
Rodina motorů OM651
Palivo diesel
Zdvihový objem 2 143 ccm (131 cui)
Výkon motoru 140 kW (190 PS) @ 3800
Točivý moment 380 Nm (280 ft/lb) @ 1400
Rok výroby od roku 2014
Rozvody DOHC
Válce 4 / Řadový
Počet ventilů 16
Kompresní poměr 19.2 : 1 
Vrtání x zdvih 83 x 99 mm
Přidal: 2016-04-19  Skyair
Změnil: 2016-10-22  Skyair

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Rok Model
2014 Mercedes Benz W447

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Rodina motorů OM651

The OM651 engine family is an inline-four cylinder Diesel automobile engine from Mercedes-Benz introduced in 2008. The chief design goal was to create a common engine platform that maximized the part commonality between the engines manufactured by Daimler. One requirement of the design was its ability to be mounted in both longitudinal and transverse fitments. Emission standards and fuel efficiency were also driving design factors. The engine uses recirculated exhaust gas to reduce the oxygen in the cylinders to "starve" any reactions that would produce NO(x), enabling it to meet Euro 5 emission standards.

Although all engines have the same 2,143 cc swept volume, various outputs are produced ranging from 120 ps (badged x180) to 204 ps (badged x250) with the 170 ps (x220) and 204 ps versions employing a twin-turbo system with a small, high pressure turbo charger enabling it to boost quickly at the low RPM, as well as a large, lower pressure turbo that improves performance at higher RPM. Lower output versions have only a single turbocharger. Directly controlled piezo-electric fuel injectors are used allowing higher fuel pressure levels to be used than in previous engines in the aim of increasing combustion efficiency.

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2016 Mercedes Benz W447 2.1

3 fotek

Výkon motoru 120 kW (163 PS) při 3800 ot./min. Točivý moment: 380 Nm (280 ft/lb) při 1400 ot./min. Maximální rychlost 195 km/h. Zrychlení 10.8 s ~ 0-100 km/h. Hmotnost 2 417 kg. Palivo diesel. 7-rychlostní Automatická převodovka. Motor 2 143 ccm (131 cui), 4-válec, Řadový, 16-ventil, OM651.950.

Nový pracant 7+1

02/16 - 000180 km

2016 Mercedes Benz W447 2.1

Výkon motoru 140 kW (190 PS) . Točivý moment: 440 Nm (325 ft/lb) . Palivo diesel. 7-rychlostní Automatická převodovka. Motor 2 143 ccm (131 cui), 4-válec, Řadový, OM651.950.

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