Motor M130.923


Kód výrobce M130.923 (2.7)
Rodina motorů M130
Palivo benzín
Zdvihový objem 2 748 ccm (168 cui)
Výkon motoru 96 kW (131 PS)
Rok výroby 1972 - 1976
Příprava paliva Karburátor
Rozvody OHC
Válce 6 / Řadový
Počet ventilů 12
Kompresní poměr 9.5 : 1 
Vrtání x zdvih 86.5 x 78.8 mm
Přidal: 2009-01-09  hejmy
Změnil: 2016-02-19  Skyair

Použití ve vozidlech

Rok Model
1972 - 1976 Mercedes Benz W114/115 W114 250 2.8 CE výkon 110 kW pro verzi kupé

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Rodina motorů M130

The Mercedes Benz M130 Engine was the last and largest of the ‘mid-sized’ Single Over Head Camshaft (SOHC) straight-6 cylinder (inline) engines produced by Mercedes Benz. The ‘mid-sized six’ started life as the 2.2 litre M180 (80mm bore × 72.8mm stroke = 2,196cc/134ci). It was the first "over-square" engine - with a cylinder bore greater than its stroke - that the manufacturer installed in a production car.

The unit was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor show in April 1951 alongside the new 3.0 litre M186 ‘big’ straight-6. These engines were used to power the newly introduced 220 and 300 models of the Mercedes range. While sharing many design features such as staggered valve arrangement and rockers running off a single overhead camshaft driven by a duplex cam-chain, the engines were of completely different design with little or no inter-changeability of parts.

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